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Wichita Falls area Catholics express joy at papal election

Catholics in Wichita Falls expressed overwhelming joy upon seeing white smoke rising from the Sistine Chapel and the subsequent announcement that the new pope is the first one from the Americas — Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, SJ, of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is the first pope to take the name Francis.

First-hand experience: UD students and Fort Worth seminarians were in Rome when white smoke appeared

For young Catholics studying in Rome this semester, the historic resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and election of Pope Francis provided a once in a lifetime opportunity you can’t experience in a classroom.

Argentinian Catholics living in diocese overjoyed at election of pope from their homeland

Mary Charette knew something significant happened when she found a congratulatory message left on her answering machine. The caller phoned to say a cardinal from her homeland, Argentina, was elected leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics.

Middle school youth ‘fire up’ their faith at annual rally

More than 500 middle school youth from across the Diocese of Fort Worth shared a day of prayer, worship, and games at the second annual Middle School Youth Rally Saturday, Feb. 16 at Most Blessed Sacrament Church in Arlington.

What’s in a name? — The meaning behind the Pope’s choice of ‘Francis’

When Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran announced that newly elected pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio “takes for himself the name Francisco” Catholics around the world were not only surprised but delighted. His papal identity honors St. Francis Assisi — an iconic figure in Church history known as a servant to the poor and destitute, a lover of nature, and preacher who embraced all humanity including people of other faiths.