Lent is a journey we share

A war wages daily, on one side of the battle is the materialistic world that lures, romances and entices our baser, self-focused instincts for pleasure, comfort, luxury and wealth. On the other side is the call to discipleship to Jesus Christ which, in contrast, invites us to seek a simpler life ruled by love of God and neighbor, requires self-sacrifice for the common good, and calls forth desires for peace, justice, worship, and communion with others.

How was Jesus born in you? When was your epiphany?

I recently saw an explanation of Advent that said something to the effect that “If you’re tired of Christmas by the 25th of December you are doing Advent wrong.” 

Reframing the Christmas Season

I’ve been engaged in some delightfully creative work for my mother lately — although it’s been far from easy. After my Dad went to be with the Lord a few years ago, my parents’ house pretty much remained as it had looked for the last twenty years, except for the gradual acquisition of even more family photos and mementos as the children and grandchildren got older and lives changed.

Every Tear Brings the Messiah Close

"People are always impatient, but God is never in a hurry!"  Nikos Kazantzakis wrote those words and they highlight an important truth: We need to be patient, infinitely patient, with God. We need to let things unfold in their proper time, God's time.

C. S. Lewis continues to leave a legacy 50 years after his death

CS-Lewis-BUTTON.jpgUnless you read the Christian blogs, you will have missed the 50th anniversary of the death of C. S. Lewis, who died on the same day as John F. Kennedy. Lewis died quietly in his home, at the age of 65, when his body just broke down. We don't get many people like C. S. Lewis. He had three first class degrees from Oxford, in classics, philosophy, and English, meaning that he was a top student in three different fields at one of the world's great universities.