All forms of human dignity flow from the dignity of the unborn

Someone once told me that “the Catholic Church is the Church of the living”; a profound statement which made me think, “What is ‘not living’ about a baby in the womb?” I realized that if we possess foundational dignity for unborn human life, we might then be passionate about all human life. Human life deserves dignity from conception, which then flows naturally to all human life, regardless of its frailties and faults.

Sing a new song

It has been six months since Jorge Mario Bergoglio became the first pope to take the name Francis, and what a six months has it been.

Why Faith Feels Like Doubt and Darkness

God is ineffable. This is a truth that's universally accepted as dogma among all Christians and within all the great religions of the world. What does it mean? 

An Addiction to Comfort

Fifty years ago, Kay Cronin, wrote a book entitled, Cross in the Wilderness, chronicling how, in 1847, a small band of Oblate missionaries came from France to the American Pacific Northwest and, after some bitter setbacks in Washington State and Oregon, moved up the coast into Canada and helped found the Roman Catholic church in Vancouver and in significant parts of British Columbia's mainland.

In the person of Christ - enfleshed in a surprising way

I have kind of been waiting for it for 25 years. I had many people picked out, but when it finally happened, it was not any of the folks I had imagined. Isn’t that the way it usually goes, best laid plans and all that. In the end it could not have been more perfect or more beautiful.