Local News:

St. Peter receives architecture award

St-Peters-Lindsay-BUTTON.jpgMore art historians may visit Lindsay now that St. Peter Church was recognized with a Preservation Project Award from Historic Fort Worth, Inc. One of the “painted” churches of Texas, the landmark is already listed in the National Registry of Historic Places. Former pastor Father Ray McDaniel accepted the honor from guest presenter and author George Bristol during a Sept. 28 ceremony at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, located in Fort Worth’s cultural district.

All Saints holds prayer service to pray for immigration reform

All Saints Parish in Fort Worth hosted a bilingual prayer service Sunday, Sept. 8, to pray that a comprehensive immigration reform bill can be passed in the U.S. Congress so that millions of undocumented immigrants, including tens of thousands in the Diocese of Fort Worth, can come out of the shadows and live a full life in the community. All Saints pastor Father Stephen Jasso, TOR, led those assembled at his church in prayer at the event, which doubled as an information session.

Msgr. Olson challenges members of Catholic legal community to seek greater good at Red Mass

Professionals and students in the legal profession and government officials assembled Sept. 26, at St. Patrick Cathedral for the Red Mass, the annual gathering and celebration that asks guidance from the Holy Spirit for those who seek justice. Homilist Monsignor Michael Olson, rector of Holy Trinity Seminary in Irving, addressed the secular principle of autonomy — the concept of seeking the best resolutions with only the individual in mind, while ignoring and often at the expense of, the good of society — and the legal concept of the right to privacy.