Word To Life:

Word To Life, September 16

September 16, Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Cycle B. Readings:
1) Isaiah 50:5-9a; Psalm 116:1-6, 8-9; 2) James 2:14-18; Gospel) Mark 8:27-35

These readings are not the favorites of those who want to persuade you that simply believing will bring you to eternal life.

Word To Life, September 9

wtlsept9.jpgSt. Lawrence was a third-century deacon and martyr who was charged with the ministry of assistance to the poor and needy andserved under Pope Sixtus II during a period of great persecution. As the pontiff was led away to his execution, he comforted the grieving Lawrence with the assurance that soon he, too, would be joining him in glory.

Word To Life, August 12

Summer is often the time for taking long road trips, and with the right attitude, jovial company, and good provisions, the journey can be just as enjoyable as the destination.

Word To Life, August 5

wtlaug5-button.jpgAs the story goes, it had been raining for days and the river was about to flood over its banks. All the people in the town had been warned to evacuate, but there was this one person who simply prayed to God to be saved

Word To Life, July 22

As I sit here looking out the front window of my home, I listen to a video running in the background on my laptop, featuring Father Robert Barron, creator of the much-acclaimed “Catholicism” series that aired last fall...