Challenging the establishment on childhood gender transitions

transgender flag

A 23-year-old woman named Keira Bell recently brought a pivotal lawsuit against the National Health Services Gender Identity Development Clinic in London, better known as the Tavistock Clinic. 

What young people could most profit from hearing about marriage

family walks in woods

Young people today experience various pressures and expectations that can make them anxious.

Vaccine mandates and Catholic colleges

college students walking

In a recent statement from the National Catholic Bioethics Center on COVID-19 vaccines, we noted that the Catholic Church “neither requires nor forbids” the use of vaccines, but instead urges people to “form their consciences and to carefully discern the moral and prudential issues involved.”

Assisted suicide: The not-so-hidden agenda

crowd at assisted suicide rally

Most people have heard of the slippery slope. 

Countering Catholic misinformation about vaccines

nurse draws up a vial of vaccine

A priest recently mentioned to me that he was not planning to get the COVID-19 vaccine.