A great nation begins to come to its senses

pro-life marcher

This past weekend in Houston, I had the opportunity to speak at a religious liberty conference about transgender issues, homosexuality, and contraception.

Dehumanizing one another

face in window

A female sharpshooter nicknamed “Lady Death” has recently become a Ukrainian folk hero for defiantly attacking Russian soldiers undercover.

Treasuring our future timelines

older woman with toddler

29-year-old Dominique Brand of South Carolina, in an apparently random act in 2020, shot and killed an 80-year-old woman named Mary Ann Elvington. 

Too much morphine?

vials and syringe

To help people navigate some of the complex decisions involved in end-of-life situations, the National Catholic Bioethics Center offers a free and confidential consultation service via e-mail or phone.

The ethics of pig-to-human organ transplants

two people wearing surgical scrubs

​Early this year, a Maryland man suffering from severe heart failure underwent a new experimental procedure, receiving a pig heart transplant.