Too much morphine?

vials and syringe

To help people navigate some of the complex decisions involved in end-of-life situations, the National Catholic Bioethics Center offers a free and confidential consultation service via e-mail or phone.

The ethics of pig-to-human organ transplants

two people wearing surgical scrubs

​Early this year, a Maryland man suffering from severe heart failure underwent a new experimental procedure, receiving a pig heart transplant.

New cures from embryonic stem cells?

test tubes

A recent article in the New York Times by Gina Kolata chronicles the remarkable story of a patient who for many years suffered from Type 1 diabetes. 

Sexual atoms and molecules

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A major issue in bioethics today involves "informed consent," but some try to make everything about consent. 

Decisions of consequence

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I recently watched a compelling video prepared by a group called “Heartbeat International.”