Tragedies in human medical experimentation

Between 1932 and 1972, a series of highly unethical medical studies were performed on a group of 600 African Americans by doctors from the U.S. Public Health Service.

Language — Veiling or Unveiling Moral Truth?

To sanction or encourage certain wrongful actions, it is often necessary to manipulate language. The plain meaning of words can get in the way of convincing others they should tolerate or participate in wrongdoing.

Spiritual lessons from the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many of us with a great deal of uncertainty: uncertainty about how contagious the virus is and about the best way to treat it; uncertainty about how long our personal immunity will last after we get infected.

Accelerating vaccine development

a scientist looks at vaccine vials

Creating a new vaccine and bringing it to market typically requires more than a decade of research and clinical testing. 

Thinking Through the Rationing of Ventilators

During the COVID-19 crisis, some commentators have recommended taking tough choices out of the hands of front-line clinicians and handing them over to dedicated triage officers or triage committees to decide.