Opening the doors to eternity

What does seeing deep into eternity really look like? It involves being able to recognize, to appropriate, and to cherish the eternal and transcendental goods of truth, beauty, and goodness. These three transcendental goods depend upon each other within the envelope of eternity.

Interjecting faith, reason, and human dignity into the immigration landscape

Immigration has become a divisive issue in Texas. But that should not be. As the second largest state with more than 26 million residents, we are a land of immigrants, whether our family immigrated to Texas in 1836 or in 2017.

Bearing fruit for the Kingdom

Our diocese was blessed with the ordination of two new priests on May 20, Fr. John Martin and Fr. Stephen Hauck. In the Gospel read at the ordination Mass, Jesus reminds us that He is the vine, we are the branches, and that with Him we “will bear much fruit” (John 15:5) and thus glorify the Father.