"The Immortals" demonstrates how heroism, sacrifice can unite us

As the old saying goes, there are two subjects that one should never bring up in polite conversation: politics and religion. Centuries of experience have repeatedly taught us that humans tend to be incapable of discussing either of these subjects... 

Collection of heroic, sweet dog stories highlight God's presence

cover of Dogwinks

Dogwinks is a collection of remarkable, heartwarming short stories highlighting that nothing is impossible with God, and that sometimes his blessings are even more apparent with dogs along life's twists and turns.

A Society of Love: Carl Anderson challenges readers to authentic Christian citizenship

This book could hardly have come at a better time. Over the last decade, with special emphasis given to the last five years or so, the political climate in America and elsewhere around the world has become worryingly volatile, pushing and shoving its way into our lives through every possible gap...