Longtime immigration reporter focuses on one teen in 'Book of Isaias'

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Nobody's story is cut and dried, as longtime immigration reporter Daniel Connolly learned when doing reporting for his book, The Book of Isaias.

Pope writes most tender answers to kids' hardest questions

The car was always the place for the hard conversations when my sons were young. The questions would come from the back seat when I least expected it. I can still remember the rainy night I was driving down Montgomery Avenue when my oldest son, then 12, asked me why God let evil things happen.

New biography reveals courageous strength of steadfast, martyred priest from Oklahoma

The title of the new biography — ­­The Shepherd Who Didn’t Run: Fr. Stanley Rother, Martyr from Oklahoma — speaks volumes about the unshakable faith and resilient character of a remarkable missionary priest. If beatified, he will become the first Catholic martyr from the United States and the first U.S.-born priest to receive the recognition.