The advent of heaven

elderly man

There is an advent that many people experience that in some ways is more excruciating than expectant, more halting than hopeful, more restless than restful and yet, at the same time, it is more strongly felt than any build up to Christmas they’ve ever experienced.

The arduous good

Archbishop Fulton Sheen in his book, The Priest is Not His Own, states, “Once we understand that all trials come from the Lord, they lose their bitterness, and our heart is at peace.”

Justice and compassion are owed to those on both sides of the border

immigrant father feeds baby

The Catholic Church in the State of Texas knows well not only the plight of those migrants and refugees who enter our country on a daily basis, but also the suffering of the vulnerable victims of human trafficking who receive compassionate care and assistance through many men and women who serve in our ministries of outreach and assistance, with a record of consistent cooperation with government authorities at local, state, and federal levels.