A faith enduring persecution - the Vietnamese Catholic community survives and thrives

Fr. Hua Nguyen holds up the book of the Gospels

The forceful communist takeover of the South Vietnamese capital of Saigon on April 30, 1975, touched off an exodus of biblical proportions.

Love overcomes hate

young girl at prayer

Amid worldwide protests about the killing of George Floyd and racial inequality, Bishop Michael Olson brought the diocese together for a Mass for the repose of the soul of George Floyd, for the consolation of his family, and for peace and an end to civil discord.

Inmate lived inspiring Catholic life behind bars, 'serving God, not time'

Hal Elkins getting released from prison

PORTLAND, Ore. (CNS) — In 1993, 39-year-old nuclear engineer Hal Elkins hit the bottle and fell into a jealous rage.

Health care rooted in the Catholic Faith, Part 4: Catholics make major medical discoveries

Throughout history, Catholics have been pioneers in the field of health care. The following are only some of the many followers of Christ who made major advancements in medicine and surgical procedures.

Finding God in Shanghai: a Chinese convert’s path to faith

Dalu at St. Peters

Rome, Italy (CNA) — At his Baptism at a Catholic church in Shanghai, Dalù said that he “cried like a baby” knowing that his sins were being washed away.