Being in Oberammergau Passion Play is stressful, but pulls people together

Jesus carries his cross

Next time, Jesus would like to be a villain.

Mary's timeless messages: Marian apparitions and their significance

Our Lady of Fatima statue

It is fitting that May, regarded by the ancient Greeks and Romans as a lunar cycle representing motherhood, fertility, and life, would eventually be recognized by the Catholic Church as the month of Mary.

Family, the building block


A pancake is simple, mostly flour, milk, and egg.

Marian chalk artist uses unique canvas

Artist at work

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (CNS) — Maria Loh is an artist whose sacred work is transitory, totally dependent on the elements.

Wahlberg, on interview trail, says 'Father Stu' found him, not the opposite

Mark Wahlberg and Cardinal Dolan

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Mark Wahlberg, the Catholic star of the new movie "Father Stu," has been hitting the interview trail to support the film. He's got skin in the game, as he's one of the movie's producers, financing "Father Stu" largely with his own money.