With the eyes of faith: a look at the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist

eye reflecting Eucharist

When Father Samuel Maul was a high school student, he wrestled with questions about the Eucharist.

Creating community: young adults gather for spiritual formation, service, and social activities

Alex Lopez

A flyer inviting 18 to 35-year-olds to “movie night” coaxed Juan Becerra to learn more about the young adult ministry at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish.

Good for your soul: a look at Catholic apps and podcasts that can boost your faith life

woman with phone in woods

Answering the question of whether or not smartphones have been a net good for society is a difficult one.

Joy around the world: Christmas traditions highlight the birth of Christ

girls hold advent calendars

We humans are creatures of habit and delight in remembering the old days. Is it any surprise we have traditions, then?

Ten things that Pope Francis wants us to learn from the nativity scene

nativity scene

Greccio, Italy (CNA) - In 2019, Pope Francis issued an apostolic letter on the meaning and importance of the Christmas nativity scene. He signed the document, Admirabile signum (“Enchanting image”), on Dec. 1 that year, at the Shrine of the Nativity in Greccio, a hilltown in the Italian region of Lazio.