Can St. Joseph sell a house? Skip burying statue, priests say

Statue of St. Joseph with baby Jesus in snow

ST. PAUL, Minn. (CNS) — The folklore is well known: Need to sell a house? Bury a statue of St. Joseph in the yard. 

Catholic sculptor hopes to inspire with his liturgical art

sculptor Dony Mac Manus

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (CNS) — When he was 7 years old, Dony Mac Manus' mother gave him a bag of clay for his birthday.

Fact check: debunking misconceptions and answering questions about the COVID-19 vaccines

coronavirus balls

That we’ve all been affected in some way or another by misinformation or lies is an old reality. 

Retire? At age 102, California deacon says he's not ready

Deacon Albert Graff

SAN DIEGO (CNS)  — Deacon Albert Graff, who turned 102 Jan. 23, explains the secret to his longevity in two words: "Never retire."

Exodus 90's regimen of prayer, asceticism, fraternity gets men's attention

men at an Exodus 90 meeting

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (CNS) — Three months of cold showers and no alcohol, soda, dessert or televised sports: It sounds less like Lent and more like a military boot camp.