The Church continues to celebrate!

The Christmas dinner dishes are piled up in the sink; the wrapping paper is an amoeba-shaped blob in the corner, and the family members are, either playing with their new gifts, trying on their new clothes, or taking a nap. I suppose this means Christmas is over and it is just 3 p.m. Christmas day!

Three Secrets of Life

All over the Internet and social media are lists and quizzes. The following appeared on my news feed on Facebook in the last of couple hours: “Which Disney couple are you and your significant other?”; “50 Cities you should see in your lifetime”; “Why readers, scientifically, are the best people to fall in love with”; “What grade are you mentally in?”

Jesus’ sufferings point to the reality of his Kingship over all

heglen-button.jpgJesus just had a Passover supper like never before. Sure they did all the prescribed rituals, with a couple twists: he holds the unleavened bread that his ancestors held in Egypt and says, “This is my body.” He takes the cup of wine and says, “This is my blood.” Now we have a new covenant, one that will last forever.