How Jesus Can Change Your Mind

by David Mills

North Texas Catholic


A man with the Blessed SacramentA man with the Blessed Sacrament
Author David Mills writes that it helps him to just be in the same room as Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. (NTC/Juan Guajardo)

It’s one of the Bible’s “Wait, what?” instructions. St. Paul tells us to pray without stopping. Which is, you know, impossible. Scholars explain that he meant to pray regularly, or to keep yourself open to God, or to pray whenever you have an empty moment.

In other words: up your game. Pray more. That may seem hard enough, but here’s a relatively easy way to do that: Go to church when you don’t usually go to church. When you get there, just hang out with Jesus in the tabernacle. The creator and redeemer of the whole universe sits right there just a few feet away. He sees you. He sees you better than you see Him.

You’ll want to talk to Jesus, but you don’t have to say much. You can just sit with Him in a companionable silence. You spend time in what Pope Benedict XVI called “prolonged silence before the Lord present in His sacrament.” That’s a prayer.

I’m not talking about Adoration. That’s the advanced course for a lot of us. I’m talking about the basics, the first step, the intro course. We need to learn to enjoy hanging out with Jesus.

Pope Benedict explained why in one of his homilies for Corpus Christi. “If I am truly to communicate with another person I must know him,” he said. To do that, “I must be able to be in silence close to him, to listen to him and look at him lovingly. True love and true friendship are always nourished by the reciprocity of looks, of intense, eloquent silences full of respect and veneration, so that the encounter may be lived profoundly and personally rather than superficially.”

Think about your closest friends. They’re the people you can sit with without having to say anything. You don’t have to talk. Just being with them is enough.

When you’re sitting with Jesus, you can do other things besides talk to him. Read the Bible or a spiritual book, say your prayers, look at the statues of Mary and Joseph, say the Rosary, ponder the crucifix, pray one by one for everyone God has given you as a friend. Or enemy.

What you do doesn’t have to be particularly pious. You don’t need to gin up deep religious emotions. You can read a book you enjoy or write letters to friends or make your grocery list. Just doing whatever you’re doing with Jesus close by will make a difference.

Sitting with Jesus blesses us in all sorts of ways. Here’s one that means a lot to me. Many of us need Jesus’s help in seeing the world right. A Facebook friend wrote that he felt angry about politics all the time. The guys on the other side really ticked him off. He sometimes despaired that the world would ever get any better. Another friend suggested he turn off his social media and spend time in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

That was great advice. Sometimes we need to redirect ourselves. We get too caught up in things. The world presents a huge number of reasons to be angry, anxious, contemptuous, despairing, and all the other things we shouldn't be. I know the feeling well.

We need to see more clearly the deeper story, the bigger picture. Seeing that helps us see and feel why we don’t need to feel angry or anxious or despairing. The God who is pure love wins. The Body of Jesus a few feet from us helps us see it.

Not just because He tells the deeper story or shows us the bigger picture. Because He is the deeper story and the bigger picture. Not a symbol of or pointer to it, but the Thing itself. As St. Paul told the pagans in Athens, “In Him we live and move and have our being.”

It helps me just to sit with Jesus sometimes, not praying or trying to generate pious feelings, but just being in the same room with our Lord. I sit there until I feel better and see the world as it truly is more clearly. It takes a while to feel, to see, that if Jesus is here with us, things will ultimately work out in my life and in the world. He sits in the tabernacle because He loves us and His love will not fail. Jesus will get what He wants.

Sitting with Jesus can change your mind, can heal your mind. The better we know Him, the better we know the truth about ourselves and our world. The truth that Jesus Christ is risen today. Jesus sits waiting for us in the tabernacle because God wins.

A man with the Blessed Sacrament

It’s one of the Bible’s “Wait, what?” instructions. St. Paul tells us to pray without stopping. Which is, you know, impossible.