Sharing abundantly

stack of cookies

Every morning, as we wait in the drop-off line at school, my daughter Rose and I share a pack of Belvita breakfast cookies.

Pandemic parenting requires families to adapt to new narratives

family at beach

Is it just me or does every mother feel as if we are just winging it? 

The triumph of the cross: The hope of Holy Week

The Small crucifixion

In his passion, Jesus’ sufferings were unequaled.

Unborn baby with Potter's syndrome surrounded with love, prayers, music

Elise Hood and Royce Hood. Royce plays guitar for unborn child. 

Even though he hasn't been born yet, Fulton Joseph Hood of Dunlap, Illinois, has showered blessings on his parents, Royce and Elise, and five older siblings.

Holding out until the end

desert path

Imprisoned and in chains, St. Paul writes to his young companion Timothy, "I have competed well; I have finished the race; I have kept the faith" (2 Tm 4:7).