Your goodness is your mission

three teens talking

I had been a full-time youth minister for most of the past six years, and as anyone in this field will say, you must love kids a lot.

Let us lectio: Favored in His eyes

Raul Berzosa's portrait of St. Peter Claver

St. Peter Claver was born in 1581 and raised in what is now Catalina, Spain. 

Post-graduation lessons from the plague year

man in cap and gown

It seems as if there are two kinds of graduation narratives for what happens after young collegians toast each other with one last Natty Light or hard seltzer, flip their tassels and head out to take on the world.

Jesus in Disguise

To be a Christian in the Roman Empire was to be an outlaw. From AD 64 to 313, Baptism could be a death sentence. 

COVID-19 and the virtue of prudence

Dominican sisters praying

As countries face the prospect of "reopening" life after COVID-19, many decisions about the "new normal" must be taken.