Faith at home is faith for others

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​Did you know that one of the most famous lines attributed to St. Teresa of Kolkata was never spoken by her?

Let us Lectio: Like a child before God

Today’s choice of Gospel readings should be no surprise for someone who knows even a little about St. Therese of Lisieux. In addition to responding to the call to sainthood very early in her life, she had a deep devotion to the Child Jesus and encouraged a “child-like” approach to God in all things.

Finding your ministry in the midst of pandemic

volunteers at All Saints parish hold a food drive

Among the myriad changes COVID-19 has brought, perhaps one of the most difficult has been the effect on our ministries.

Your goodness is your mission

three teens talking

I had been a full-time youth minister for most of the past six years, and as anyone in this field will say, you must love kids a lot.

Let us lectio: Favored in His eyes

Raul Berzosa's portrait of St. Peter Claver

St. Peter Claver was born in 1581 and raised in what is now Catalina, Spain.