A look at the Mass sequences, centering on the Golden Sequence for Pentecost

stained glass of Pentecost

Truly, we are creatures of habit. Expecting to stand for the Gospel Acclamation’s alleluias immediately following the Epistle, congregations at Mass are usually caught by surprise when the Sequence suddenly appears instead.

"Do not be afraid"

teenage boy

When we speak of crises within the Church, one of the most oft mentioned is the exodus of young people from the faith.

Stand our ground; refute the lie; allow the Lord to do the rest

Christ's temptation in the desert

After coming home from being a missionary for two years, I felt extremely lonely. 

Season of rebirth: following Christ out of the darkness

lily-like flower

Easter is here! Throughout Lent, the Triduum, and Easter, we have 93 days to prepare for and remember Christ’s surrender, grief, death, and the astonishing resurrection of hope and joy that is the Paschal Mystery.

We search for Easter hope in the wake of Good Friday suffering

Easter candle being lit

In the Scripture readings for the week following Easter (Lk 24:13–32), we encounter two of Jesus' disciples on the road to Emmaus in the wake of the crucifixion.