Moms Do That—Yeah, They Do!

man playing organ

Allow me to tell you a tale of two sons.

Let us Lectio: Marks of Faith

Here we find Jesus commanding His disciples to go in His name. They are sent to proclaim the Gospel and to baptize. They are sent to preach and to administer the sacraments.

Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times

On the last Friday of March, Pope Francis led the world in an “Extraordinary Moment of Prayer” and an “Urbi et Orbi” blessing to a city and a world now ravaged by both a deadly pandemic and the social destruction in its wake. 

A priest without parishioners is a sad priest

I will let you all in on a secret. It’s a secret that we priests are a bit ashamed to admit, but it’s true. Sometimes we complain about you.

Jesus has won

man on the beach

I honestly feel like I’m in a movie right now.