A morning offering

sunrise over farmland

Psalm 30 tells us a great deal about morning: "At dusk weeping comes for the night; but at dawn there is rejoicing."

Come to me: two suggestions to rest your body and soul

girl at lake

​Can we talk about burnout for a quick second? 

Five overlooked moments for sharing faith

Dad and daughter at sink

​Like students taking a test, we often assign God to boxes without realizing it: God will be present at church, in Mass or in class.

In the face of division, turn to the Eucharist

Bishop Olson elevates Eucharist

It can be difficult these days not to become crabby, bitter and divisive. Every day, we receive so much that frightens or angers us, and seems to threaten our very being.

When our children leave the faith

young woman

Once upon a time, you may have prayed for your darling child to become a nun. Odds are you never prayed that she become a none.