Carolyn Jones, assistant director of finance, retires after 28 years

By Michelle McDaniel

North Texas Catholic

November 15, 2018

Carolyn Jones (NTC/Juan Guajardo)

FORT WORTH — When Carolyn Jones began working for the Diocese of Fort Worth 28 years ago, she did not foresee herself becoming the Assistant Director of Finance for Fiscal Management.

First, the St. Bartholomew parishioner applied as a temp. She had not yet helped to create the position she now holds.

“The job I started with has evolved greatly into the job that I am passing onto Christina [Ybarra], so I guess that’s my legacy: what it has become from what it started with — secretarial work that has transitioned into a much larger job,” Jones said.

Jones worked for the Diocese of Fort Worth for 28 years and retired November 16.

She and her husband of 36 years moved to the diocese from California 30 years ago where she previously worked for her mother-in-law at a secretarial job writing resumes and other papers.

She originally decided to not work because she was expecting her second child, but after two years, she applied through a temporary job-finding agency. On August 20 of that same year, she took a full-time job with the diocese, her first financial job.

“My husband laughed at me because he didn’t think I would ever get a job in my major,” she said.

Within her job at the Diocese of Fort Worth, she worked primarily coordinating the budget for the Catholic Center, but also updated programs, managed salary and benefits, and worked with the banking component, along with other assorted tasks.

“Peter Flynn, as the director of finance, used to say that we were the ‘can-do’ department. I used to ask why we were the ‘have-to-do’ department because things that needed to be done that didn’t fall to someone specific, we took care of,” Jones said.

After Jones was officially hired, she took the position of administrative assistant to the director of finance. After four years, the finance director retired to Nicaragua.

Peter Flynn, then development director, was asked to take the finance director position. He agreed to take the position only if Jones agreed to work with him. They restructured the position into what it is today.

“I have worked under three bishops and four finance directors, and every one of them brings their own flavor. It’s been different each time, and of course with the change in bishop, you get a change in leadership, and so the direction they go is always different,” Jones said.

“Basically, when you work on the business end of it, you just keep it going. Always trying to make ourselves as valuable to the people we support here [at the diocesan office] and out there [in parishes and schools]…I always have to remember that I don’t do it for me; there’s a larger plan.”

Although she does not yet have specific plans for the future, Jones knows that she would like a change.

“It’s time for me to do something different with my life. I kind of figured it was a God thing that brought me here, so I’m relying on Him to direct me,” Jones said. “Perspective changes.”

She is considering finding work or volunteer opportunities at Tarleton University where her husband, who recently retired from Lockheed Martin, now works full time. She is also considering volunteering with the diocese.

“I like feeling like I made a difference to the people that I worked with,” Jones said. “I had interactions with the people in this building and bookkeepers and business managers at the parishes and schools, but I also had interactions with several priests. It’s been a good thing for me to have met all these people and feel like I am able to help them do their jobs better.”

FORT WORTH — When Carolyn Jones began working for the Diocese of Fort Worth 28 years ago, she did not foresee herself becoming the Assistant Director of Finance for Fiscal Management.

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