Dance lessons: Danza Azteca invites everyone to come closer to Jesus

boy with drum

Diego Alanís, 15, affirms that entering the church, dancing in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, to the rhythm of strong drumbeats and the vibrant sound of the conch, proudly dressed in his long-feathered headdress, a colorful pectoral, and ankle bones, reflects his faith.

Holy Family Vincentians celebrate 75 years of positive impact

Fr. Nguyen with parishioners

FORT WORTH — Face-to-face visits, suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic, have resumed, but requests for help have hardly subsided, said Laura Michaelides, president of the St. Vincent de Paul Conference at Holy Family Church in Fort Worth.

Gabriel Project continues to expand

Allison Moore and Emma Boullion in Gabriel closet

Every baby is a celebration, according to Allison Moore, director of Catholic Charities Fort Worth Gabriel Project. “We celebrate that this mom has chosen life. And because of that, we mentor her with encouragement and prayer,” she added.