Vatican conference convenes experts to study early Christian history

VATICAN CITY (CNS) – A Vatican conference will gather both Christian and non-Christian historians and experts to delve deep into the history of the church in the first centuries of Christianity.

'What is love?' Pope, other elders share stories for Netflix

pope with cameramen

ROME (CNS) — Pope Francis, Martin Scorsese, Jane Goodall and a group of less famous "over 70s" talk to young filmmakers about love in the first episode of a four-part documentary available worldwide on Netflix on Christmas Day.

Texas urges Supreme Court to let state's abortion law stand

people on supreme court steps

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Texas state officials Oct. 21 urged the Supreme Court to leave the state's current abortion law in place, and they also advised the court not to fast-track abortion providers' challenge to the law that bans abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.