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A better way: Catholic Charities Fort Worth's Padua Program turns poverty on its head

Padua case managers and case workers

Since President Lyndon B. Johnson’s 1964 “War on Poverty” when the national poverty rate was 19 percent, government assistance programs have dedicated trillions of dollars toward eliminating poverty. 

Priests of the Holy Land reflect on second Easter of pandemic

Franciscan friar Augustin Pelayo

The first cases of COVID-19 in the Holy Land emerged in late February last year and were quickly followed by an outbreak of cases among a group of pilgrims in Bethlehem in early March.

'An emergency within an emergency' - winter storm during pandemic depletes CCFW resources

woman driving a CCFW van

FORT WORTH — Just because temperatures are warm and the governor lifted the mask mandate doesn't mean things are back to normal

A litany of saints with complicated employment histories

Unemployment, toxic work environments, and poverty have been rampant during the 2020 pandemic. Consider: more than 40 million Americans were unemployed or forced to work fewer hours in June of this year.

Brain science at work

Kimberly Lawrence

To be a Catholic Charities Fort Worth client, colleague, or volunteer working side by side with Kimberly Lawrence, LCSW, is to feel safe within the supportive embrace of her twinkling-eyed humor, her air of humility, and her empathetic gaze. 

Catholic Charities Fort Worth’s far-reaching impact felt across diocese during pandemic

lady in mask unloads groceries from care

FORT WORTH — Even as Catholic Charities Fort Worth faces an unprecedented level of need, the increased opportunities to be of service provide a sense of sustained motivation and determination, said the nonprofit’s CEO, Michael Grace.

Pope leads Way of the Cross in empty, torch-lit St. Peter's Square

eMPTY st. Peter Square at night

VATICAN CITY (CNS)  ̶  For the first time in his papacy, Pope Francis led the Way of the Cross from St. Peter's Square rather than Rome's Colosseum, where it has been held annually for more than five decades.

CCFW makes an impact in Arlington

Catholic Charities Fort Worth staff member Olga Nowlan says she looks forward to pulling into the CCFW Arlington campus’ parking lot each morning.

New CEO brings business acumen and faith to Catholic Charities Fort Worth

Catholic Charities Fort Worth new chief executive officer Michael Grace, at its headquarters in Fort Worth, May 30, 2019. (NTC/Ben Torres)

FORT WORTH — At first glance, Michael P. Grace’s resume seems to lack a few key qualifications.

Capitol Assets

Erin Vader and Tan Parker should have met in the halls of Nolan Catholic High School many years ago. After all, they graduated just a year apart. Instead, Vader introduced herself to Parker at his office in the state Capitol in Austin when she visited the state representative from Flower Mound on March 26 — Texas Catholic Faith in Action Advocacy Day.

Explore the San Antonio mission trail by bicycle

For adventurous Catholics seeking to experience the grandeur of God and to follow a spiritual path that literally winds its way deep into the heart of Texas, such a journey begins in San Antonio.

Speaker Paul Ryan visits Catholic Charities to witness firsthand the fight to eliminate poverty

FORT WORTH — Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Paul Ryan has been studying poverty at the federal level from Washington, D.C., but he took a few hours to learn what poverty looks like on the front lines with a visit to Catholic Charities Fort Worth (CCFW) on April 3.

Measuring success: the Padua Project

FORT WORTH  —  Five decades. Trillions spent. 100-plus anti-poverty programs. And we’re no better off. Why?”

Hoy la Iglesia celebra a San Cayetano, patrono del pan y del trabajo

REDACCIÓN CENTRAL (ACI) - “En el oratorio rendimos a Dios el homenaje de la adoración, en el hospital le encontramos personalmente", solía decir San Cayetano, patrono del pan y del trabajo, cuya fiesta se celebra cada 7 de agosto.

Poverty requires action, not empty words, pope says

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — People cannot sit back and be indifferent or unresponsive to growing poverty in the world as a privileged minority accumulates "ostentatious wealth," Pope Francis said.

Archbishop Flores of San Antonio, first Hispanic bishop in U.S., dies

SAN ANTONIO (CNS) -- Retired Archbishop Patrick F. Flores, 87, the first Mexican-American bishop in the United States, died of pneumonia and congestive heart failure Jan. 9 at Padua Place Residence for retired priests in San Antonio.

Relics of St. Padre Pio, St. Leopold arrive in Rome for jubilee

ROME (CNS) — Thousands of people waited hours outside a Rome church to catch a glimpse of the mortal remains of St. Padre Pio and St. Leopold Mandic, two Capuchins popular as miracle workers and known particularly for the long hours they would spend hearing confessions.

Baton Rouge parishes helped Katrina's youngest and oldest victims

BATON ROUGE, La. (CNS) -- After the devastating impact of Katrina, many of the most vulnerable victims — newborns and elderly from New Orleans — found refuge at parishes in the Diocese of Baton Rouge.

How 5,000 relics found a home in a Pittsburgh chapel

PITTSBURGH (CNA/EWTN News) -- Nestled in a sleepy neighborhood in the hills rising over Pittsburgh lies a small chapel. Inside St. Anthony’s Chapel lies a piece from the Crown of Thorns, a tooth of St. Anthony of Padua, and more than 5,000 other verified relics, or remains, of saints from around the world.

Padua Pilot aims high to lift poor out of poverty

In the spirit of St. Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of poverty, Catholic Charities Fort Worth is launching an innovative program designed to lead the poor along a path to economic independence and an improved quality of life. Aptly named “The Padua Pilot,” the program aims at lifting the poor out of poverty long-term and breaking the cycle of dependency that has kept them there.

Blessed Romero 'another brilliant star' belonging to Church of the Americas

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador (CNS) -- Some thought this day would never arrive. Others hoped, and some always knew it would. On May 23, the Catholic Church beatified Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero, of El Salvador, who was assassinated in 1980 while celebrating Mass, just a day after pleading and ordering soldiers to stop killing innocent civilians.

Bishop dedicates new St. Jude Church, which will point parishioners to holiness

St.-Jude-Bp-Olson-altar-2-BUTTON.jpgDepicted in sacred hand-carved sculptures, marble statuary, stained-glass windows, and framed artwork, Jesus and the saints joined 2,000 parishioners of St. Jude in Mansfield in the 27,000-square-foot church during a special dedication Mass and consecration on April 12. After Bishop Michael F. Olson handed over the keys to the front doors to pastor Father George Foley parishioners followed a Knights of Columbus honor guard procession into the church.

Fr. George Foley offers a sneak peak at some of the church art he’s assembled from around the world

Fr-Foley-BUTTON.jpgWith dedication of a new church building for St. Jude Parish in Mansfield only a few months away, local Catholics are abuzz with speculation about what they might find inside. Some have heard that stained-glass windows created in the 1850s will be installed, while others tell of life-size statues of the saints carved by artisans in Mexico. Still others are talking about an altar and pulpit tooled by craftsmen in Vietnam from some of the world’s finest marble. The list of Church treasures being discussed seems endless, even to the point of being somewhat unbelievable. Some people have even passed along rumors that a white marble replica of the “Pietà” has been delivered to the parish and will be placed inside the church entrance.