Life is a pilgrimage

by Jason Spoolstra

North Texas Catholic contributor

Bishop Michael Olson celebrates Mass for the Fort Worth pilgrims in the chapel of the Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, in Rome. (Photo by Jason Spoolstra)

Life is a pilgrimage. 

While away on pilgrimage we can forget at times that the world keeps turning. People, family, and friends continue to live their lives while we are away. There is no pause button. For my wife, we just received word back home that her grandmother passed away. This came as no surprise, but it did fill us with sorrow and loss. Thankfully, being in a pilgrimage setting we were able to pray and lean on our fellow pilgrims for prayer and support. 

Jason Spoolstra

This leads me to the main point: Our life as a whole is one great pilgrimage.

We live our lives for the ultimate goal of being with God in heaven for all eternity. This pilgrimage, like our very own life pilgrimage, is not about the series of sensations to experience, but a work to be accomplished. We all have work to do. We work in cooperation with God’s grace to transform our lives. While this World Youth Day pilgrimage may come to an end next Monday, our ultimate pilgrimage ends at our last breath. Let us go rejoicing in the Lord so that when that day comes, we can see the Risen Christ.


Jason is the director of Youth Ministry for the Diocese of Fort Worth. He is a parishioner of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Keller.

Life is a pilgrimage. While away on pilgrimage we can forget at times that the world keeps turning.