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(Sep 9, 2019) Local

Community leaders from North Texas were introduced to CCFW’s mission of eradicating poverty. From left, Desiree Tennison of CCFW; Dimanche Brewer of BRIDGE;  Jade Tinner of CCFW; Willie Ranking of LVTRise; Michael Grace, President of CCFW, and his wife, Elizabeth Grace. (CCFW photo/Kelvin Rausaw)

Eighty-eight community leaders gathered in North Richland Hills on June 26, making a deep dive into the inspiring world of Catholic Charities Fort Worth while enjoying dinner, jazz violin, and sparkling conversation.

Over $12,000 was raised at the agency’s INCLUSION: Diverse Leaders Dinner and Fundraiser, as representatives from several North Texas faith communities, nonprofit agencies, foundations, and organizations such as BRIDGE Fort Worth (Black Resourceful Innovators Developing Generations of Excellence) were introduced to CCFW’s mission of eradicating poverty.

A highlight of the evening’s program was the sharing of CCFW clients’ accounts of the assistance they received from the agency. One such story highlighted a single mother of two who fled her home in Port Arthur after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and found a happy and healthy new life in North Texas with the help of her Catholic Charities navigator. Another story shared was about a client who received aid through CCFW’s transportation services that allowed her to obtain full-time employment and become financially self-sufficient.

Event coordinator Jade Tinner, who serves as CCFW’s Major Gifts Officer, called the evening “a great success,” as she reflected upon the purpose of the gathering. “This event was dedicated to the encouragement of multicultural leadership in the fight to end poverty in our local communities,” she explained.

“We want to continually draw more leaders into the mission of Catholic Charities, to tap into a new donor base, and to form new partnerships with people who may not have necessarily known much about us,” she continued.

The dinner provided an opportunity to share information about CCFW’s outreach to all — regardless of religious affiliation, added Tinner. “It was exciting to see the conversations that were sparked, and the interest in Catholic Charities that was generated through the stories that were shared.”

One guest, Zerius Brittain, an entrepreneur and philanthropist who serves on the Board of Directors for Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce, said that he appreciated his first opportunity to learn about CCFW. Brittain agreed that he was “riveted” by the stories he heard of the agency’s clients’ successes. “I was inspired by Catholic Charities’ message of creating opportunity, eradicating poverty, and transforming people’s lives,” he said. “I’m always interested in learning more about and supporting organizations that are truly effective in making a positive impact. I definitely plan to stay connected to Catholic Charities, now that I’m aware of their mission and their outreach.”

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