June 4, 2023 - One Bread, One Body

North Texas Catholic
(May 30, 2023) One-Bread-One-Body

June 4, Trinity Sunday

Cycle A Readings:
1) Exodus 34:4-6, 8-9
Daniel 3:52-55
2) 2 Corinthians 13:11-13
John 3:16-18


Three for love

“The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all!” —2 Corinthians 13:13

Love is Trinitarian. The sign of the cross, which we make at the beginning of every Mass, is Trinitarian. At our Baptism, we were baptized in the Trinitarian formula; Jesus Himself commanded His disciples to “baptize them in the name ‘of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit’ ” (Mt 28:19).

The Holy Trinity is a communion of love. Everything the Trinity does — creating, saving, healing, anointing — is done in love (Jn 3:16; Gn 1:1ff). If the Triune God did not love us, we would cease to exist. Love is the reason why God saves us (see Jn 3:16-17). It is the self-emptying love of God, Who constantly gives Himself to us. Love always reaches out; as an example, the father of the prodigal son moved forth from his dwelling to reach out to both of his beloved sons (see Lk 15:20, 28).

The only way we could know about the Holy Trinity is for the Lord to reveal Himself to us. Such intimate self-revelation comes because the Triune God lavishes His love upon us (see Ti 3:6) and longs to be with us, His beloved (see Sg 2:8, 14).

On this Trinity Sunday, give God the gift He most wants: your heart. Abandon yourself into the arms of the Triune God.


Prayer: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I reveal my heart to You in response to Your incredible self-revelation to me. I am all Yours.

Promise: “The Lord, the Lord, a merciful and gracious God, slow to anger and rich in kindness and fidelity...” —Ex 34:6

Praise: “Praise the Holy Trinity, undivided Unity; Holy God, mighty God, God immortal, be adored!”

Rescript: In accord with the Code of Canon Law, I hereby grant the Imprimatur ("Permission to Publish") for One Bread, One Body covering the period from June 1, 2023, through July 31, 2023.

†Most Reverend Steve J. Angi,  Chancellor, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio December 14, 2022.

The Nihil Obstat ("Permission to Publish") is a declaration that a book or pamphlet is considered to be free of doctrinal or moral error. It is not implied that those who have granted the Nihil Obstat agree with the contents, opinions, or statements expressed.

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