September 26 - One Bread, One Body

North Texas Catholic
(Sep 21, 2021) One-Bread-One-Body

September 26, Twenty Sixth Sunday Ordinary Time 

Cycle B Readings:
1) Numbers 11:25-29
Psalm 19:8, 10, 12-14
2) James 5:1-6
Mark 9:38-43, 45, 47-48


Jealous Christians

"Are you jealous?” — Numbers 11:29

People who have been given a new life in Jesus and are filled with the Spirit seem especially tempted to spiritual jealousy. They’re jealous of Eldad and Medad prophesying (Nm 11:29), of Moses leading (Nm 12:1), of a stranger expelling demons (Mk 9:38), or of John and James trying to get a “spiritual” promotion (Mt 20:24).

The Lord does not tolerate spiritual jealousy. Miriam became a snow-white leper after her outbreak of jealousy against Moses (Nm 12:10). Jesus said that being drowned or maimed is preferable to falling into the sin of spiritual jealousy (Mk 9:42-47). The first murder was committed because of spiritual jealousy. Cain was jealous that Abel’s offering was accepted by God and his own was not (Gn 4:4-5). Jesus was crucified because of the jealousy of the religious leaders (Mt 27:18). The Jews of Antioch in Pisidia persecuted Paul and Barnabas because of jealousy (Acts 13:45).

Some of history’s worst sins can be attributed to spiritual jealousy. Resist any temptations to jealousy and repent of any sins of jealousy.


Prayer: Father, may I rejoice that others are more gifted and more honored than I am.

Promise: “Any man who gives you a drink of water because you belong to Christ will not, I assure you, go without his reward.” —Mk 9:41

Praise: “He has robbed death of its power and has brought life and immortality into clear light through the gospel” (2 Tm 1:10). Risen Jesus, You are worthy of praise!

Rescript: In accord with the Code of Canon Law, I hereby grant the Imprimatur ("Permission to Publish") for One Bread, One Body covering the period from August 1, 2021 through September 30, 2021.

†Most Reverend Steve J. Angi,  Chancellor, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio January 12, 2021.

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