Statement on Santa Fe High School Shooting

North Texas Catholic
(May 18, 2018) Local

Houston School Shooting

Mass shooting on May 18 at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas, near Houston. Police reported that at least ten people were dead and several others were injured. Assistant Principal Cris Richardson told reporters the shooter was "arrested and secured" but offered no other details about the person's identity or motive.

FORT WORTH — On behalf of the members of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth, I offer prayer for the healing and safety of all involved and affected by the tragic and senseless school shooting in Santa Fe High School. We pray for those affected by this violent act and for all victims of violence, in whatever form.

I repeat the call of my fellow Catholic bishops in the United States that leaders in positions of authority must explore ways to curb gun violence and give law enforcement the necessary tools to identify and help troubled individuals.

The Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth strives to ensure the safety of our parishes and schools. Efforts to enhance our security began before the horrific shooting and deaths at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs.  Each diocesan parish and school has conducted an initial mandatory safety assessment with the assistance of law enforcement agencies in their respective areas. Initial enhanced safety measures based on local circumstances have been and are being implemented.

Subsequently, the Diocese retained a professional security firm comprised of active duty police officers, detectives, SWAT team members and instructors with expertise in security. They have been establishing new diocese-wide safety protocols and systems, are recommending hardware upgrades, conducting assessments of each parish and school, crafting comprehensive security plans for each location and are assisting parishes and schools to set up security teams. 

While it is prudent to put in place appropriate security measures, we must do more by uniting in prayer for the conversion of the hearts of those who harbor malice toward their neighbor and for a society that protects and values every human life from the moment of conception. May Our Lady of Victory assist us in our deliverance from evil.

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