When fish is not your wish

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(Feb 29, 2024) Local

Three of the eight women who custom make the enchilada Lenten meal pose as they work at St. Bartholomew Parish in Fort Worth on Friday, Feb. 23. (NTC/Susan Moses)

FORT WORTH — If fish is not your wish, perhaps you want a different dish?

Fish is the popular choice for Lenten Fridays, but not everyone loves fish.

Not to worry — a cheese enchilada plate is the catch of the day on Fridays at St. Bartholomew Parish in south Fort Worth. At just $5 per plate, it’s an affordable dinner for the family.

How they roll: Three corn tortillas are dipped in Roja sauce and filled with crumbled cotija cheese (and onions if you’d like). The enchiladas, prepared as you wait, are fresh and delicious.

The sides and how they rate: The enchiladas come with Mexican rice; a medley of sweet and white potatoes; crunchy slaw with a squeeze of lime; and a soda or water. Add your own jalapenos and salsa at a condiments table, but beware: the salsa will get your attention.

The enchilada plate at St. Bartholomew in Fort Worth on Feb. 23. (NTC/Susan Moses)

The vibe of the crowd: Friendly and laid-back, with a mix of faithful from the Spanish and the English Masses. The parish hall has plenty of tables and space, enough room for the kids to run around a bit.

Eight women cook the meals to order, so the line moves at a relaxed pace. It’s a great chance to introduce yourself to faces you recognize from Sunday but don’t sit close enough to speak with.

Wait, there’s more: After you feed your stomach, you can feed your faith. Stations of the Cross are held in the church at 6:30 pm in English and at 7:15 pm in Spanish, plus Father Karl Schilken offers the sacrament of reconciliation during the stations.

What to know:

St. Bartholomew Church, 3601 Altamesa Blvd., Fort Worth

$5 per dinner, dine-in or to-go.

Cheese enchilada dinners on Friday nights in Lent through March 22.

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